Dr. Noll

Dr. Diane Schurr Noll earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree in 1982 at Iowa State University. Upon graduating from veterinary school, Dr. Noll purchased the Keosaqua Veterinary Clinic in Keosaqua, Iowa, where she served the farming community for 6 years.

In 1988, she sold the practice and she and her family moved to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. She began a relief practice, filling in as a supply veterinary for veterinarians across southeast Iowa. After eight years of traveling, Dr. Noll decided it was time to settle and venture out on her own again. She bought the New London practice from Dr. Ken Rayner in 1996, renaming it Hometown Veterinary Care.

Dr. Noll is Le Claire’s In-Home Vet

In April of 2018, Dr. Noll sold her practice and has returned to the role of relief veterinarian, which is what brings her to the Quad Cities area. Born and raised on a farm outside LeClaire, she is thrilled to be back in the area of her roots, serving the community she has always loved.

Memberships: American Veterinary Medical Association, Iowa Veterinary Medical Association, Eastern Iowa Veterinary Association, Iowa State Alumni Association

Dr Noll with her dog Louie
Dr. Noll with her dog Louie

Dr. Noll is the mother of four children and will talk at length about her 11 grandchildren. She has two dogs, Lacee an Irish setter, and Louie a Border Collie. She and her husband continue to farm in the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa area as well.

In her spare time, she enjoys going on mission trips, horseback riding, landscaping, reading, public speaking, and traveling. In addition, a growing interest in overseas veterinary medicine and a love for those people have taken her to Nicaragua, Mexico, Haiti, South Africa, and Zambia.